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We are honored to have you visiting, and hope that you come away with a vision of what missions is all about.  Missions is not just a line item on a church budget, but is eternal souls.  While there is a lot for us to do, there is a lot you too can be involved in.  Do the children touch your heart?  Then donate to help provide medical care for them; to help provide education for them; and to provide food.  Are the needs of women your heart?  Then donate to help with medical care and healthcare teaching; to provide clothing; to help with training to help them become teachers.  Is the training of national pastors your priority?  Then donate to help support them while they attend their Bible classes; to provide the Bibles and teaching materials; to provide clothing and transportation for them; to feed them.  There are lots of ways you can be involved.  On many of our pages you will find a donate button that ties to that particular portion of the ministry.  Click on that button for a PayPal safe way to donate.  You may also click on the “Support” button on the top of this page to become a monthly supporter or to support whenever you are able.  God will take whatever you can give and multiply it greatly.  We are so grateful for each one of you, and pray His blessings on you!


Clinic in the manger

    Medical outreach

Ordination of national pastors

Ordination of national pastors

No windows, no doors, no floor.  Just love!  Training the Hearing to reach the Deaf!Training the Hearing to reach the Deaf


We are independent fundamental Baptist missionaries called to the tribal people of Zambia Africa. We are church planters and will be training Zambian national pastors to pastor their own churches, and be church planters themselves.  We will also be training deacons in their role in the church, as well as Sunday school teachers.  We are involved with providing medical care to the villages thru cooperation with the Clinical Officer Program with oversight by a local physician.  We also have a ministry directed to the Deaf population of Zambia, and are training the Hearing to reach the Deaf.

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