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Laughter and Tears

There are so many times I regret not writing something down so I won’t forget, or didn’t get a picture (I always have my phone, so what’s the excuse?). As I sit here writing another “snippet” for you, I realize I have forgotten a lot of the joys of each day, and that is just so sad. My brain doesn’t catalog things like it used to, and I am just not a daily writer (come on, I have an unreal schedule!). But for today, here’s a little snippet from Esnart.

Esnart is the 16 year old younger sister of Pastor Joseph, and she came to live with us in an attempt to keep her from following in the footsteps of her older sisters and to continue in school. I am not so sure whether it would be easier to take on the challenges of a much younger child to raise at my age, or the age of Esnart. Either way, I think it’s closely related to jumping into the deep end of the pool without the ability to swim. Each day brought new challenges; many we laughed over so hard we’d cry, many we had to take a deep breath and take a step back. But we both gave it our all. One of my favorite remembrances of her was one night she came into the sitting room to get me as there was a noise in the toilet area. Before I get into this particular event, let me tell you what she had been watching on TV. Many times I would have to come in and make her change a channel because she would be watching African TV that had a lot of witchcraft involved, and she would be terrified. Would she stop watching? NO! Not until I made her stop. She would leave her bedroom light on all night after she had given herself a case of the heebiejeebies. This was one of those nights. She was preparing for bed and had gone to the toilet when she heard the noise. She comes to me and says “Mom, there’s a noise in the toilet.” I went with her to check the toilet as we do get snakes and frogs that come inside thru our open pipes (gray water pipes are open to the outside, septic is closed). I looked everywhere and didn’t see anything. I didn’t hear anything. I turned to find her peeping around the doorframe and said, “Esnart, what did it sound like?” She replied, “it sounded like a frog drinking water”. I have no clue what the expression on my face was, but I’m sure it was a Kodac moment. I burst out laughing, asking her “what does a frog drinking water sound like?” She huffed at me, turned to go to bed, and said over her shoulder “I’ll never toilet again.” Hysterical laughter followed her all the way to her room.