Laughter and Tears

Many of you may not realize that I, Charlye, have started writing a book on our adventures here in Zambia, but it struck me that I’m losing so much in our day to day life that defines so much. Jack keeps a journal (I’m afraid to read it), but I would rather post something here on the site or Facebook (I think mainly to keep from carrying something around other than my computer). So I’ve decided you’ll get “snippets” of daily life here, and whether it makes you laugh or makes you cry, I hope you enjoy my musings. So here goes.

Day 1. Edible or not?

Every time I see my beautiful shepherd mix dog outside I have to smile. Now being a girl from the South, my roots grabbed me, and I named him Rebel. However, in hindsight I think I should have given him another name. I was house-sitting for friends of ours in Livingstone, Zambia, when a young man that provided security for me came and told me there were some local ladies at the gate selling impwa (pronounced eem-pwah), a local veggie that is in the eggplant family (it looks like an egg). I told him to go back and negotiate with them as they would charge the mzungu (white) more than if he bought. He came back and said they refused, they would only speak to the mzungu. Now this is where it comes in handy to pay close attention to words here as some sound so much alike. So I went to the gate, and there are two young women standing there, but I see no basket of veggies. I asked, “where is the impwa?” They looked at each other, then at me, and busted out laughing. “No madam, we are selling EMBWA (pronounced em-bwah)! Embwa is the Tonga word for puppy! After we all settled down from the laughter, I did buy their embwa, and he has been my joy ever since. I don’t know, but Rebel suits his character better than calling him a little white veggie.

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