A Mother’s Love

Welcome to Libuyu Baptist Church with Pastor Alfred Siachibaba (front row left)! We had been invited to Libuyu for Jack to preach the Sunday service, and Pastor Alfred asked me if I would interpret in sign language that day as there was a little deaf girl there.  I met Joyce before the service,

Libuyu sign language class

      A mother’s love

(the little girl in the blue skirt in front) and signed to her that I would interpret the service for her, and her little face just beamed with her smile.  After the service she ran to me, wrapped her arms around me, and then signed “thank you, thank you, thank you”.  Shortly after that two women approached me and asked if I would teach them sign language.  Being interested in why they wanted to learn, I just asked “why?”  The answer broke my heart.  One of the ladies was the mother of the little deaf girl, and said to me; “That is my daughter, the deaf one, and I cannot talk to her because I do not know sign language.  I would give anything to be able to sit down and just talk, and to tell her how much I love her.”   And the sign language class was born.  However, God soon made His plan known.  Cecilia’s love for her daughter, and the heart of her friend Julia may have started the class, but it soon grew into 13 people from that little church in Libuyu meeting faithfully with me every week for months.  It grew from a mother wanting to talk with her deaf daughter, to a ministry outreach of a little village church reaching out to other Deaf souls in their area.  Using the Bible to teach them their words, they began to learn and memorize Scripture, developing their class even further into a discipleship class.  Now they all go out on Saturday morning together, searching for lost souls to share the Gospel with; lost hearing souls, and lost deaf souls.  And it all began with the love of a mother for her daughter.

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