Living in the shadow of danger

Little DianahShe has a Mommy and Daddy that really love her and try their best to protect her.  She and her little brother are the apple of their eye.  But there is one living close by that sees her in another light.  He is driven by the fear of this disease that rages within him, this dreaded thing called HIV/AIDS.  He has had many friends that have died from it, and he is terrified of dying.  So terrified he has gone to the witchdoctor of his village to beg for a cure.  He is willing to give everything he has to be rid of this cursed sickness.  The witchdoctor assures him that if he buys the charm being offered to him and follows his instructions the disease will leave him.  So the man gives the last few kwacha he has, grasps the small charm in his hand and goes out to seek the one he needs.  Who is the one he needs you ask?  His instructions from the witchdoctor were simple.  Find a virgin, rape her/him, and dip the charm in the blood and the disease will pass from you to her/him.  A virgin?  How will he know whether the one he chooses is a virgin?  The best way for him to tell is to choose a very small child, male or female doesn’t matter, but usually it is a girl.  That cute little toddler he saw eating with her kitten would do just fine he thinks.  So he concocts his plan.  He knows there are minutes when her Mommy may have to go inside the hut for one reason or another, leaving the little one alone. Now is his chance.  Little girl, want to see my kitty?  Or would it be better to lure her with the promise of fruit.  It has worked.  She gets up and follows this man.  When her Mommy comes out and realizes she is gone it is too late.  She frantically begins searching and calling for her little one.  Not long afterward she comes across her sweet innocent little girl crawling across a field trying to get home to her Mommy and Daddy.  She is crying, covered in dirt and blood, and unable to walk due to her injuries.  Mommy scoops her up, holds her close and runs for home.  And so begins and ends the day for many small children here in Zambia.

The government has tried various ways to stop this horrendous practice, but it still isn’t working.  Hearts are still so steeped in the darkness of the lies of Satan.  Spirit worship and buying charms against the spirits are such a part of the culture you can feel the oppression.  The government can try everything to stop it, billboards can go up reminding people of the punishment for this crime, men can be beaten to death when caught in this act – but nothing will work until the Light of the world shines thru and illuminates every dark corner where Satan or his demons hide.  The truth of THE LIGHT, THE WAY, THE TRUTH must be proclaimed in every village until the hearts of the witchdoctors are broken and they burn their charms and potions.  It must be proclaimed until the lifestyles that promote sexual diseases are changed into lifestyles that promote and promise everlasting life.  It must be proclaimed until every little girl and little boy in Zambia can lay their head down at night and sleep in safety and peace.

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