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Hi!  I’m Charlye!  Weird spelling I know, but it’s the same as “Charlie” but for a girl.  I am just so blessed it is often hard for me to contain myself!  My husband was hesitant at first to tell me God had been speaking to him about the mission field.  Wow, we were comfortable in the States.  Both of us had good jobs; his, professional photography; mine, an RN.  We both taught in our local church.  Things were good.  The day he actually said something to me about God’s call I think I actually saw him flinch and maybe duck just a little.  His face lit up though when I said “where are we going and when can we leave”!  It became a fervent matter of prayer with the two of us as we sought God’s direction to which country He would call us.  It was amazing to see the doors open and our new home revealed to us.  We stepped through that door and have never looked back.  Zambia is a land that we love, but a people that we love far more.  The Lord had worked with me, training me  over 30 years in the Nursing field (CCU and Hospice), and now He would show me how we were going to put this training to even more use.  I have loved being a nurse, loved the intensity of CCU, and then loved the privilege of tending to the dying and their families in their homes. What a mission field I already had!  All of this was in preparation for helping to meet the needs of the people in Zambia.  Disease is still rampant, and a large number of the people still live in traditional village style, far removed from doctors and clinics (and with no money to pay them).  We are working with the Zambian government to expand this part of the ministry in order to get every advantage to the people while showing them and telling them about the Savior and His love.  The Lord also trained me in another way.  Our Pastor asked me one summer if I could take some time off work and help him take a group of our church kids to camp.  I said “sure”, and so began my next training session (even though I didn’t know it yet).  We took the young people to the Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee.  This is where I met Dr. Kathy Rice, fell in love with the Deaf, and the beautiful language of Sign.  It was one of those “duh” moments when I looked back and realized what the Lord was doing.  Zambia has a large Deaf population.  Some of the deafness is due to illnesses, and some due to medications used to treat those illnesses.  The number of Deaf in Zambia is unknown, but the Government is doing as much as possible to find them and get the education and care for them that they possibly can.  There was a time when any child with a disability such as deafness or blindness would be left in the bush as the parents just had no way to provide for them.  Now, they realize that even the Deaf and Blind have purpose, can be trained, and can be productive.  They are beginning to bring them to the missionaries that are trained to work with them.  Isn’t God good, and just so wise?  What a plan!  As you look at the pictures and read the stories, if God touches your heart to help would you please use the Donate button and give to support this portion of the ministry.  Many people think there is nothing they can do; that they aren’t trained to do anything.  Well, your gifts are probably much greater than you realize, but if you can’t go you can give.  Help us to give the very best to these needy people.  Donate now.

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