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Shaka Muchembeli in the Land of the Smoke That Thunders

Chapter One
Ready…..Set…..Go where?!

“Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee:” Gen. 12:1

If you have children, you know that feeling you get when it’s just a bit too quiet, and you suddenly realize “where are they and what are they into”? Well, that was the feeling I got from Jack as he came in from work and we were preparing to go out and eat. Now this man is usually as quiet as rumbling thunder, and after turning on the news will have a running commentary with the anchor. Not this day. Too quiet. Something is definitely up, but he isn’t one to be pushed into conversation. So the patient me is finishing what I need to do, but the impatient me is asking in my head “did I do something, did I say something, come on, give, give!” Finally, before we even leave, he breaks and says “I need to tell you something”. I’m sure my face was pale because my heart was going flutter, flutter, flip. But then he looks at me and says “I think the Lord is calling us into missions.” I remember realizing I had been holding my breath, and had to pull in a long steadying one. We were both happy and successful in our jobs, no huge debt, very active in the church with teaching Sunday school and Children’s Church. Missions? We loved missions and frequently had missionaries in our home. But US? We had never even had a conversation minutely related to our going into the mission field. My mind is reeling, and poor Jack is waiting for me to make a comment and even pulled back a little as if he was afraid I was going to go ballistic. But that flutter, flutter, flip of my heart went into a full-speed gallop, then I looked at him and said “where are we going, and when do we leave?”