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Meet Pastor Mulengwani Lengwa Mweyama

Pastor Mulengwani and his beautiful daughter, Deborah

Pastor Mulengwani and his beautiful daughter, Deborah

Let us introduce you to Pastor Mulengwani!  In the ten years we have known Pastor Mulengwa (as he’s known to us), we have found a much faithful and true friend in him.  From the very beginning he has made himself available to help us in any way he can.  He is pastor of Livingstone Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa, alongside Missionary/Pastor Mario Genada.  He is a serious student of the Bible, and preaches with authority, deep understanding, and a love for his people to bring them to Christ.

Pastor Mulengwa could have well chosen a different lifestyle.  He is well educated, speaks seven of the national languages of Zambia, speaks English better than many Americans, and is also fluent in sign language.  He could have used his skills to be a translator in the mining operations in Zambia, making an excellent income, but instead chose to give it up for the cause of Christ.  We in America could not live one week on what he now makes in one month.  Even in his earthly poverty you never hear him complain.  He, like Paul, has learned to be content.

It is rare you will see Pastor Mulengwa idle.  If he is idle, it is because he is too tired to do more.  He stays active in the business of the church, reaching into community programs, and makes himself available to go with us into the bush anytime an interpreter is needed.  Most of the time he is the interpreter for Jack during any conference in which Jack teaches.  In fact, they are together so often they are now referred to as “the twins”.  It is almost hysterical to view them in this way as Mulengwa is tall, lean, and dark, while Jack is much shorter, rotund, and a very pale mzungu.    But all in all, they are brothers in Christ and spirit.  One could not ask for a better friend, and we are very proud to call him just that…..our dear friend.

Please stay “tuned” as we will be uploading messages from Pastor Mulengwani in the near future.  You will be blessed!